Edward Crisonino

Edward Crisonino in Collingswood, NJ

Expert legal representation in a court of law isn’t a service to take lightly. When the stakes are high and rulings can possibly have a profound impact on your life, none but the best will the do. Edward Crisonino has been providing legal counsel for decades now and his reputation in New Jersey is untarnished. This should come as welcome news to Garden State residents. Mr. Crisonino specializes in criminal law as well as appeals.

Recent statistics show that filings in New Jersey have been on a decade-long slide of 28 percent. According to a 2019 article from Law.com, a total of just under 816,000 civil, criminal and family court cases were filed in 2018. “Some legal experts say the decrease indicates courts are failing their constituents,” the article states. “Those experts have also said it’s time to change the ways court systems go about their business.” This drop-off is of concern to lawyers like Edward Crisonino, who want citizens to feel empowered – not oppressed – by the law and have confidence in the court system. After learning more about Mr. Crisonino, we hope that readers from New Jersey and beyond will have a better understanding of his background, skills and successes in the courtroom.

Edward Crisonino graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 1984. This prestigious institution, which was founded in 1901, has repeatedly won awards for being the “best law school” in both the Northeast as well as across the U.S. These accolades come from publications like Business Insider, Billboard Magazine and the Hollywood Reporter so they are opinions to trust. As a student there, Mr. Crisonino earned the American Jurisprudence Award as a result of scholastic success.

Personal drive and an unwavering moral compass have also kept Edward Crisonino on the right path. As it pertains to the former, he would join – and remains a member of – many professional legal associations. Members of these groups thrive when surrounded by each other and one of the effects of membership has been keeping current on new and complex legal issues as they develop. As for his morals and standards, friends and family as well as former and current clients can attest to Edward Crisonino’s attributes: quick-witted, humble and committed. That commitment extends to both the legal system as well as to New Jerseyans who need guidance through complex personal matters.

With decades of professional experience to his name and years of work yet to come, we trust that readers will now have a better understanding of why clients continue to work with Edward Crisonino if they need criminal and appellate court representation.